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Helping Hispanic Youth gain access to a better education



Your donations help children gain critical education support.  Your gift provides a child with school supplies and additional support to promote better eduation among Hispanic youth in the United States and the Northern Triangle.  Support to rural areas is critical since  higher per capita migration occurs from these regions.  We believe  education can give children hope and prepare them for a better future in the Northern Triangle.   Thank you for helping us reach out to these children.


A more prosperous Honduras with an educated workforce, strong rule of law, and broad-based economic growth is important to all of us.  Educating a child costs the Honduran government $647 per year -- when that same child reaches the US, our cost is over $15,000 per year.  Support to help children obtain a better education can  make a difference to both US and Honduran communities. Working together we can make a difference -- one child at a time.


As we expand activities in Honduras and the US, we appreciate the volunteers that are helping us address constraints on education.  In Honduras, we appreciate the volunteers that are working the coffee sector to help children affected by having to miss school due to working with their families  harvesting coffee.  In the US, we are working to spread the word that our efforts to stop the "caravans" of migrants require actions long before they reach our southern border.